For all that is domino and for all that is rolling.

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The Rolling O's Of Dominoes

The Rolling O's of Dominoes

D and N link

Using the (i) as far as the eye can see

When joined by S and E

Os roll down the N and D


M borrows N

To start again

Os roll down the M and N


M lies back

Stretching a while

D and N reproduce

And make a smile

S and E wait a while

Take time for style

Consider their profile

D and N; D and N

Return again

4 Os roll down the sleepy M



So what happened to [S] and [E]

They say ". . .you know the lazy [E]

But what?! Laid back and accommodating?

. . . the 'morphic' S gravitating


Now well tuned E bends his middle

A twist and a turn - a little fiddle

Then gently by the care of M

E joins the band of D and Ns